Corporate Values


It is the Mission of Rapid Prototyping Services Canada to provide the highest quality custom manufactured parts to our clients through our rapid prototyping solutions, while striving to fit budgets and time constraints.


To be the leading solution provider for design services and custom manufactured parts in North America, while delivering value to our clients in the form of monetary savings, fitting within their timelines, and providing the highest quality rapid prototyped parts.


To Our Customer

Customer satisfaction is of our utmost priority, as well our greatest measure of success. We are devoted to fulfilling and exceeding the expectations of our clients while delivering the highest quality product. We believe in building customer relationships for long term success, with a foundation of confidence and reliability. Our customers range from all over the USA and Canada.

 Rapid Prototyping Services Canada is dedicated to providing readily available service in Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Oshawa, Oakville, Hamilton, Kingston, Victoria, Halifax, Ottawa, Vancouver, Fort McMurray, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose, Indianapolis, San Francisco, Austin, Columbus, Fort Worth, Charlotte, Detroit, Memphis, Baltimore, Boston, Seattle, Washington, Nashville, Denver, Las Vegas, Sacramento, Silicon Valley, Raleigh, Pittsburgh, Portland, Atlanta, Springfield, Scottsdale, Miami, Cleveland, Oakland, Minneapolis, Mexico City, Washington DC and many other North American Cities.


Our Capabilities

With the rapid prototyping industry growing, and the technology evolving, there are endless applications to what can be produced with the right rapid prototyping process. Rapid Prototyping Services Canada offers Polyjet 3D Printing, Polyjet Matrix 3D printing, Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Fused Deposition Manufacturing (FDM) and Stereolithography (SLA) the major forms of rapid prototyping. Some common applications for rapid prototyping services are Architectural Models, Marketing models for focus groups, Scaled Models, patterns for metal casting, patterns to create silicone molds for plastic casting, master patterns for sand molding, wax patterns (castform) for investment casting, SLA quickcast patterns for investment casting, validation parts for automotive design and engineering, Multi-material parts, functional prototypes, prototype builds for concept cars, initial parts for first run productions, validation parts for buses, validation parts for trains, casings for medical devices, complex trays for fiber optics, light pipes for electronic devices, casings for electronic devices, casings for modems, casings for portable computers, casings for PDA, camera cases, parts for robots, prototype inventions of all sorts. Our applications are limited only by creativity and design. If you can imagine it, we can produce it.


We acknowledge quality as the core of our reputation. When dealing with rapid prototyping services, the models produced cannot be compromised in anyway, as to maintain the integrity of the build. Producing prototypes with the highest quality mean they can withstand the testing applications needed in the product development process. We practice excellence, as individuals and as a corporation. It is our belief that staying determined is an essential requirement for success. We are devoted to continued progress in all aspects of our operation.


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