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Specializing in 3D Printing, 3D Laser Scanning, Rapid Prototyping services, 3D Engineering Solutions Services (Polyjet , DDM, FDM, SLA, SLS processes), Reverse Engineering and 3D Laser scanning ,Our team of certified engineer designers offer engineering design solutions which enables Rapid Prototyping Services Canada to always be strategic and innovative to better your Product Development experience.

Rapid Prototyping Services for Product Development
Rapid Prototyping Features
  • High Accuracy parts representative of the end-use product
  • Flexible living hinges and
    rubber-like components
  • Capable of functional testing
  • Smooth assembly allows multiple finishing applications
  • Full array of materials for variety of applications
Healthcare and Dental Rapid Prototyping Services
Medical and Dental Models
  • Accurate models for surgical guides
  • Produced directly from 
    CT/MRI scans or CAD Data
  • Enhance treatment precision
  • More cost effective than traditional dental labs
  • Produce dental veneers, retainers and clear aligners 
  • Utilize intraoral scan data to produce tangible replications
Rapid Prototyping Services for small parts
Rapid Prototyping Services  Benefits
  • Quick turnaround times 
  • Cost reduction compared with purchased equipment and other outsourcing options
  • Work directly with our engineering service managers
  • Custom Quotes based on your model specifications
  • A variety of different rapid prototyping options from one company. 


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